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Et la climatologie des productions made in USA

Climate spirals

Une infographie sur le changement climatique qui a le mérite d’être simple à illustrer la problématique sur le climat.

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Le temps en ordonnée

Illustration construire à partir de : HadCRUT4.4 from January 1850 – March 2016, relative to the mean of 1850-1900,  here

1. Features you can see:
1877-78: strong El Nino event warms global temperatures
1880s-1910: small cooling, partially due to volcanic eruptions
1910-1940s: warming, partially due to recovery from volcanic eruptions, small increase in solar output and natural variability
1950s-1970s: fairly flat temperatures as cooling sulphate aerosols mask the greenhouse gas warming
1980-now: strong warming, with temperatures pushed higher in 1998 and 2016 due to strong El Nino events

The colour scale used is called ‘viridis’